Posted: 1nd January, 2014 (5 years ago) by admin

As Company still growing, PAG always search Business Partner with Trusted Background and Strong Commitment.

Promote and implement International Businesses and Project by combining the business potentials of Europe and South East Asia. We sustainably contribute to the succes of our members and customers.

Provide :

     * A platform for personal contacts and exchange

     * Tailor made offers for membership participation

     * Support to identify trusted and reliable partners and establish sustainable partnerships

     * Assistance to enable / facilitate business development

     * Guidance and help to reduce risk / costs when establishing new businesses

     * On-site services (auditing / verification, project management, administration services,... )

     * Interim management / technical assistance

     * Loss adjusting

     * Loss arbitration

     * Special logistics analysis

     * On-site office infrastructures

     * Market intelligence

     * Networking / lobbying

     * Screening of investment opportunities

     * Contacts to financing institutions and investors

     * Training for cross cultural understanding

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